Almost May Newsletter

01 May 2020

  • As we near the end of April, everyone is hoping that there is a light at the end of this tunnel. And I think it is coming. In the meantime, some pictures of the beautiful tulips that are flowering in the Netherlands right now. Here is the link (just click on it) to the virtual tours of the gardens. I hope you enjoy them Keukenhof gardens - Virtual tours

The weeks are going by and Canadians are doing their very best to keep isolated. And it’s working! Thank you to all of the front line workers who have selflessly continued to keep going to work. We cannot say enough.

I would also like to take this time to thank everyone who has ordered from me. On-line, by email, over the phone. It is so appreciated, as we try our very best to keep afloat during this crisis. Please continue to remember us going forward when the doors are open again. It will take time for small businesses to recover. And for your patronage we say Thank You very much!

I am here to help you with any project issues you have (to the best of my ability over email at, or leave a message on the phone at 519-925-6194 - I will call you back!).

Still going to the store several times a week to fill online, phone & contactless pickup orders. If you need a yarn or accessory, want to start a new project or are just a bit short on something you are already doing please visit the online shopping site (click below) Wool & Silk Co - Online Shopping (Best method for ordering)

All Things Baby Sale So many babies have been born in the past few weeks. And families are eager to visit & cuddle them. Since you can’t be together why not knit something special for the time when you can? To celebrate with some knitted love we are featuring baby yarns.

Below you will find the current sale, Baby Yarns & Kits at 20% off. April 26th to May 9th. Link to all sale yarns: Baby Sale or type “ baby sale “ into the search box on our online shopping site.