April Newsletter

01 Apr 2020

  • Since we all need a little lift in these days of self-isolation I have brought you some pictures of beautiful spring flowers…………..and a kitten!
  • I hope everyone is coping well. It is difficult being at home almost all of the time. We ourselves are fortunate as we live in the country and it is easy to go outside and have space. Much harder in the cities.

Keeping occupied though is not difficult for knitters/crocheters. I am sure all of us have umpteen UFO’s cluttering our knitting areas. If you are having difficulty with a project please feel free to e-mail me at woolandsilkco@gmail.com. It will help if you give me the pattern name, your name, your phone number and just a quick version of what the problem is. Hopefully we can talk it out over the phone & resolve it for you.

I have been going to the store several times a week to fill online, phone & door pickup orders. If you need a yarn or accessory, want to start a new project or are just a bit short on something you are already doing please visit the online shopping site. You get there by going to our webpage www.woolandsilkco.com
Then clicking on the “Shop Now” button at the top right of the page. That takes you directly to online shopping. (Best method for ordering). I am listening to messages from the store phone but it is on a bit of an irregular basis. Please e-mail if you need to know something in a timely manner. woolandsilkco@gmailcom

I am trying to put new projects on the yarn pages fairly regularly and will be offering sales on about a 2 week rotating basis.

Below here you will find the current sale, Worsted weights at 20% off. Please message me if you need to check on sweater quantities of a particular yarn.

The next sale (below that) is about babies! Many wee ones are being born during this isolation time and families have not been able to enjoy being with them. Why not start a project to have it ready for when we can be together? April 12th to 25th all things Baby will be on sale 20% off. This includes all baby yarns & baby blanket kits.