10 days of Christmas

02 Oct 2019

  • 10 days of Christmas
  • It is Time for the 10 DAYS of Christmas !! Yes, you read that right. This year we are going to do the 10 in 10 days instead of 10 weeks.

It’s time to enjoy some pre-Christmas savings & fun. Beginning on Monday September 30th we will be e-mailing you a feature product each business weekday (Mon-Fri), for a total of 10 days.

You can decide whether or not you would like that product and how many you want (some quantities are limited by stock amounts). Everything is featured at 15% off. Get gifts for the knitters on your list or treat yourself to a few things at a good savings!

How it Works: A simple phone call to the store (519) 925-6194 will reserve your purchase. All items must be paid for in full at that time. Alternately, you may e-mail us with your selection and a contact number. DO NOT send credit card info by e-mail as that method may not be very secure.

You can continue to order from previous days as the program goes along. (example: if it is day 4 you can still order from days 1, 2 & 3).

All items will be bagged & held at the store until the start of pickup on October 21st. Items are not available to you before this date. While we do our best to fill all orders the choices are first come first serve and this may apply to in-stock colours, etc. Items will not be wrapped.

Day #9 Lopi Yarn

Iceland makes a fabulous line of yarn called Lopi. Great for knitting heavy cardigans & jackets.

Lett Lopi (worsted weight) $6.10 ($7.15) Alafoss Lopi (chunky weight) $11.00 ($12.95)

1st photo - Lett Lopi colours 2nd & 3rd photos - Alafoss Lopi colours Go to http://www.woolandsilkco.com and click on the Shop Now button at the top of the page to see all of the colours individually. Then call in to the store (519) 925-6194 to give your choices, get the 15% off and arrange payment.

Day #8 Eucalan 500mL & 100mL Now it’s time to give your knitted item a soak or wash. Use the right thing. Eucalan is a lanolin enriched enzymatic solution that is safe for all of your woolens and delicates. Available in 5 scents including natural (unscented).

500mL $12.75 ($15.00)
100mL $ 4.25 ($5.00)

Day #7 Single package DPN needles Would you like to expand your collection of DPN needles? Hat & mitt season is soon upon us. We are offering any individually packaged set of(5) DPN’s that we have in stock. This includes Lykke, Basix, Karbonz, Knitters Pride, metal & Nova Cubics Platina.

Prices have a wide range. Please look on-line at www.woolandsilkco.com , click the Shop Now tab at the top and you can view all of the available needles on our on-line shopping site. Then call in to the store to reserve with the 15% off and finalize your payment

Day #6 Blocking Wires (2 kinds), blocking combs Achieving that perfect crisp look when you have finished a garment or shawl is essential. Get some help with blocking wires or combs. We are pleased to offer 2 styles of wires and a boxed set of combs. Blocking wires $29.35 ($34.50) ( long tube) Lazadas Flexible blocking wires(only 1 set available)
$34.00 ($40.00) Knit Blockers - blocking combs $32.75 ($38.50) (purple box)

Day #5 Indulgence Mini-Skeins KFI’s Luxury Collection has created a lovely set of 4 mini skeins. Each mini skein has 153yds of beautiful 100% superwash dk yarn. Use them on their own to create the shawl shown(pattern included). Or use them in a favourite dk sweater, blanket, or hat pattern.

Mini Skeins $51.00 ($60.00)

Day #4 Ball Winder and/or Swift
Tired of hand winding balls of yarn at home? Help yourself with a ball winder or swift. A super fast way to wind skeins into yarn cakes.

You can purchase either the ball winder or swift alone at 15% off
Ball Winder $51.00 ($60.00)
Swift $59.50 ($70.00)
Purchase the ball winder & swift together at 20% off!
Ball Winder & Swift $104.00 ($130.00)
Super X-mas present for you

Day #3 Sock Yarn
Do you love to make socks and would like to pickup that special yarn? Do it now. No limits. 15% off any variety. You choose your yarn. If you are unable to come in to the store please check brands & colours by looking at our on-line shopping site. Go to our website http://www.woolandsilkco.com/ and click on the “Shop Now” button at the top right of the home page. This is not for purchasing purposes but you can view all of our in-stock sock yarn there to make your selection. Then call the store to arrange purchase.

Note: Sock yarn being purchased for the weaving classes is not eligible for this sale.

Day #2 Bags & Baskets
Looking for somewhere to stow all your great knitting stuff? Why not a fabulous bag or basket?
(Note: bags & baskets do not include the contents shown in photos) in Black is regular price) Our bags are a great size 18”x10”x9”. With lots of interior pockets, a zip closure and a top that stays open when you set it up on the floor.So handy to take a project in to your knitting group
We also have 1 aluminum frame basket that is smaller(18”x10”x9.5”) & does not have a lid(see photo #2)

Our woven baskets are hand made by a women’s collective in Ghana. And their purchase helps support those women. We source them through Big Blue Moma, a small Canadian company. They come in a range of styles and colours and are lovely for storing a project, or just to have beside your favourite knitting chair with some stash in. Please note that all of the baskets except the largest blue ones are singles(only 1 of each available - first come, first served)

Day #1
Lykke needle sets
5” tips $ 127.49 (reg $149.99)
3.5” tips $ 106.25 (reg $124.99)
(grey suede, umber(brown), blue denim)


small sizes $ 114.75 (reg $134.99)
large sizes $ 127.49 (reg $149.99)
(grey suede only)